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Stuff "By taking the tried-and-tested platforming formula and reducing it down to its very core, Molina has managed to assemble one of the most unique, elegant, and bewitching mobile games I've ever had the good fortune of playing." - Chris Kerr (Stuff)

AppAdvice 9/10 "The graphics are beautiful and incredibly detailed, the music is soothing with whimsical sound effects, the controls feel natural and let you play it with one hand, and the gameplay is challenging." - Christine Chan (AppAdvice)

TouchArcade 8/10 "Really, Astra stands out among other orbital platformers for its unique art and great feel. But it is a trying game"..."that made the successes more rewarding, and it's long way to the top, that's for sure." - Carter Dotson (TouchArcade)

IGN 8.8/10 "Astrå es un título que te entrará por los ojos con su fabuloso diseño y que, cinco segundos después, te conquistará por su divertida jugabilidad."..."Todo está medido para divertir y suponer un reto cada vez mayor. Una pequeña obra maestra para iOS." - Gustavo Maeso (IGN Spain)

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App Store Editors' Choice and Best of 2015.